Leah Kirchmann

Canadian Olympian I Professional Cyclist

I’m a member of @thecyclistsalliance, because I believe in a united voice for female cyclists.The aim is to deliver a safe and stable working environment for 100% of professional female cyclists!😊 . If you’re passionate about joining our movement for change, and want to strive for fairness, then please join us or donate to the cause. Together we drive the change we want to see!πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ . . #cyclistsalliance #womenscycling #striveforfairness #progress

As you know, I was just in Australia for @tourdownunder and @cadelroadrace. Going straight from the cold Canadian winter to Australian summer made heat acclimatization an important performance factor to consider for this block of racing. This experience offered valuable insight into what will be necessary for athletes to prepare for #Tokyo2020. The games are projected to be the hottest on record, so pre-race acclimatization and cooling strategies will be essential! Factors such as climate, timezones, food and taking the proper health precautions are important things that all travellers should consider before leaving home. How are you planning to prepare for the demands of your next destination? #DestinationJapan #partner

After three weeks of full focus, culminating in a team victory, we decided to do something a little bit different to enjoy our last day in Australia!😁🚁 #heliride #creatingmemories

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Proud to be part of the @thecyclistsalliance rider council along with these strong empowered women! Don't hesitate to reach out to any one of us with questions, or suggestions. We are here to represent riders from ALL cycling disciplines 🚲 I strongly encourage joining as a member if you have not already. The list of benefits continues to grow as we do - some current benefits of membership include help with contracts, nutrition counseling, a mentorship program, concussion testing, and legal help with dispute resolution. We are stronger together, & progress is possible if we stand united! 😁 . #cyclistsalliance #womenscycling #progress #womeninsport

What a year! 2019 had it's ups and downs, and a fair share of surprises. Some highlights included defending my National TT Championship title, a podium at La Course by le Tour de France, & maintaining a consistent level all season long. Ending the season early with an injury shifted my focus to preparing in the best way for 2020.Training camp has just wrapped up in Spain, and next stop will be New Zealand to prepare for my first races in Australia. The goal is to stay healthy through out all the travel & training in order to start the season strong. My goals this year are to help the team achieve World Tour victories, and to hopefully represent Team Canada as a contender in Tokyo! What are your travel plans and goals for 2020? #DestinationJapan #partner